Great Uses for Flatback Tape

Flatback TapeThanks to’s full line of custom packaging tape, there is tape for everyone! Whether you are a plumber, electrician, stage director, painter, warehouse worker, or mailroom employee, has all the tape that’ll you need to get the job done. But the best part is, they sell it to you in bulk and at wholesale prices that can’t be beat! is an online wholesale company that is dedicated to quality and customer service. Ever since their start in 1998, has made it a point to provide exceptional products, unbelievably low prices, and 5-star customer service! No matter your packaging need, is sure to have what you’re looking for. And they can provide fast and speedy delivery thanks to their distribution centers all over the U.S.!

When you order your own custom packaging tape from, you will literally have dozens of options to choose from. If you’re a painter, they have utility grade and premium grade masking tape, colored masking tape, and painter’s tape. Are you a plumber? No problem, sells their heavy-duty duct tape and aluminum foil tape. If you’re a manufacturing company and you’re looking for tape that bundles, seals, secures, or is used for shipping, you have hit the proverbial jackpot. has tape for almost any and every occasion. In fact, they even have a custom printed gummed tape that can include your logo or any other message you’d like to convey! Not only that, but this custom printed gummed tape is reinforced, and the water-activated starch based adhesive forms a stronger bond than other clear sealing tapes. Custom gummed tape isn’t the only kind of gummed tape they have. also has Eco-Friendly Gummed Tape, Gummed Side Out Tape, Heavy Duty Gummed Tape, and Non Reinforced Gummed Tape.

No matter your tape need, has your back. They have Clear Packing Tape, Label Protection Tape, Aisle Marking Tape, Double Sided Tape, Black Strapping Tape, Flatback Tape, Poly Bag Tape, Gaffers Tape, and Teflon Tape. They even have Barricade Tape to help keep people out of certain areas. Plus, they also sell tape dispensers that can help dispense a variety of their different types of tape!

All of these tapes are either sold by the roll or in bulk. If you choose to order in bulk the quantity of rolls per case will depend upon the type of tape ordered. Price will also vary depending on type of tape, size, and quantity of cases or rolls ordered. For more information, go to Packaging Supplies.


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