The Benefits of Wicketed Bread Bags

Wicketed Bread BagsWhat are wicketed bread bags? These are polyethylene bags that have two holes punched on their lips. They are stacked and held together by a metal wicket inserted at the lips of the bags. This acts as a dispenser and allows for easily removing individual bags efficiently and quickly, thus increasing production rate. This bag also comes in handy when you want to keep different products, like bread, fresh. The common uses of bags like these are to keep dairy products fresh and to quickly and efficiently pack products for example a line of buns in a high-speed bakery.

Compared with a normal plastic bag, the wicketed bread bags also have extra space for holding products. These bags can also be used in automated or semi-automated packing machines like the bag opener. But for manual packing, these are still faster than normal bags because of its clever design and it’s easy to individually remove nature. These bags are very easy to use again and super recyclable. You can recycle this product over and over again, many more times than paper, so when using these bags, you are not damaging the environment. They are not biodegradable which means biological decomposers cannot decompose them and it can be remade into many different shapes without being wasted many times.

This is how some famous writers described bread. Surely, you would want your bread to be fresh and tasty and not only that, you would also want bags that are easy to use so you can pack and produce as many breads as possible and as quickly as possible without packaging being a problem. Keeping bread fresh is very important. If you do not keep bread sealed properly, then molds from the air can come on it and contaminate it. Eating moldy bread can cause food poisoning and many other diseases and symptoms like skin irritation. If the bread is kept in the open air then it becomes dry, and who wants dry bread? Thus, this type of bag increases productivity of a product and efficiency of its packaging by keeping it fresh and extending its life span and by having distinct features that allows for it to be easily used.

Wicketed bread bags come in all shapes and sizes so they can store most types of bread in them. A great online shop to buy wicketed bread bags is Packaging Supplies. They sell these bread bags at an affordable price, the bags are guaranteed to be made of 100%, 1.25 mil, virgin low density polyethylene – which means it is made of new brand new polyethylene, not recycled. They also put a gusset at the bottom of the bag to provide additional space for products. These bags can be closed with staples, ties, tape, or by being heat-sealed. This shop generally provides quality products at an affordable price.


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