How to Recycle Newspaper Delivery Bags

Newspaper Delivery BagsMost newspaper distributors usually wrap their newspapers in a thin plastic bag. Newspaper bags are used to protect tabloids, flyers, magazines, and newspapers from damage every single day. It protects them from dirt, water, dust, and finger oils. For this reason, many newspaper distributors purchase Newspaper Delivery Bags from trusted packaging suppliers. However, what are the other uses of these bags once they have been distributed? Can you recycle them to lessen waste material?

Many packaging suppliers sell Newspaper Delivery Bags that are made from polyethylene and polypropylene. The polyethylene bags are soft and clear, and they allow moisture to escape. The polypropylene bags are also clear but they do not ripple as the years go by. With that said, these bags are very durable and will withstand years of wear and tear. For this reason, you need to find ways on how to recycle these bags. You could also consider buying newspaper bags from credible packaging suppliers if you need them for other purposes. You might be surprised by the number of potential uses they have.

Recycle: You should get rid of any waste material that is inside the bag. Once that’s done, it is preferable to wash the bag and let it dry. You can hang it out or you can dry it using a towel. The cleaned and dried Newspaper Delivery Bags should be delivered to your local recycling center.

Another option is to bring the used Newspaper Delivery Bags to you local collection agency. There might be plenty of places in your area where you can deposit the plastic bags; however, there are some agencies that do not accept certain types of plastic bags.

Re-Use: You can also re-use these plastic Newspaper Delivery Bags. In fact, this is a more energy-efficient alternative because you will need plenty of plastic bags to yield one recyclable return. Here are some of the alternative uses for these bags:

  • You can use these bags to store your food container. As some newspaper bags prevent leaks, it is a good packaging choice. If you do not have used newspaper bags at home and want to use it for this purpose, you can always order Newspaper Delivery Bags from a reputable packaging supplier, such as
  • You can also use the Newspaper Delivery Bags as a cover for your umbrella. After using your umbrella, place it inside plastic bag before tucking it inside your purse. You can tie it close or you can seal it with a rubber band to prevent the water from leaking out. There are also newspaper bags that can be sealed completely.
  • Another use for used Newspaper Delivery Bags is for storing your shoes before packing them in your baggage. You can also place your make-up kit inside the bag to prevent them from damaging your luggage.

These are just a few tips for recycling and re-using your newspaper bags. If you don’t have newspaper bags at home but want to use it as storage or packaging material, you can purchase it from a packaging supplier. There are packaging suppliers, such as that offer different types of high-quality Newspaper Delivery Bags.


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