The Best Place to Get Padded Shipping Envelopes

Padded Shipping EnvelopesWhen you send out a package or piece of mail your number one goal is to make sure that you do everything in your power to see that it gets to its destination safely. Unfortunately, once the package is out of your hands and into those who are responsible for delivering it, you no longer have control of the package’s safety. However, there are things you can do ensure your package will make it safe and sound. One of those things is putting your items in a padded envelope. And thanks to you can order high quality padded envelopes in bulk! is an online wholesaler retailer that is dedicated to bringing you the best and most high-quality packaging products on the market. They pride themselves on not only their products but also their low wholesale opened their doors in 1998 and ever since have been wowing customers with their incredible customer service, fantastic products, and amazingly low prices. In fact, they have served companies such as: Costco, Mercedes, FedEx, Kinko’s, the United States Postal Service, and many others.

You never will have to worry about your package being damaged in the mail again. With’s padded shipping envelopes your package will arrive safe and sound every time to its destination. They offer several different types of padded shipping envelopes including: bubble mailers and padded mailers, as well as other types of shipping envelopes such as stay flat rigid mailers, poly envelopes, clear poly envelopes, reinforced envelopes, Tyvek envelopes, utility mailers, and packing list envelopes.’s most protective envelopes though, are their bubble mailers and their padded mailers. has 4 different options in their bubble mailers. Those options are kraft bubble mailers, white bubble mailers, white poly bubble mailers, and decorative bubble mailers. The kraft bubble mailers come in 11 different sizes and are cushioned with a 3/16” thick bubble lining. It also is self-sealing and is 60% to 70% lighter than paper padded bags, making it one of the lightest weight mailers available. (Which can help save you on shipping.

The white bubble mailer is similar to the kraft bubble mailer except that it is white. It too comes in 11 different sizes and also has a 3/16” thick bubble lining. The white poly mailers are lined with the same bubble material as the kraft and white bubble mailers. What makes these envelopes different is that they are made from a poly material that will protect against water damage and tearing. If you want a decorative bubble mailer then has your back. They have several different types of decorative bubble mailers that are perfect for birthdays and other celebrations that would require a gift to be sent.

The padded mailers have 3 different options: standard padded mailers, self seal craft padded mailers, and self seal white padded mailers. These mailers come in a variety of sizes and are cushioned with a paper fiber padding inside its walls to protect your products against damage. Plus, they have double fold corners and a double-glued flap that helps increase the mailers strength and edge protection. They are also self-sealing making it an easy and tape free way to seal your package.

If you’re tired of having to deal with damaged merchandise because you don’t have the protective envelopes you need, then turn to for help. They can provide you with the best padded shipping envelopes at the lowest prices around! All you have to do is go to and order your own envelopes today!


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