How to Operate a Steel Strapping Tensioner

Steel Strapping TensionerPackaging Supplies carriers a complete range of strapping tools for both, plastic strapping and steel strapping. Our full line includes strapping tensioners, sealers (crimpers), strapping cutters and also combination strapping tools. The type of strapping tool used will depend on your particular strapping application. If you are not sure what tool you or your customer might need, please call us. Our sales representatives are fully trained and have the knowledge to advise you on what may work best for you. No matter if you are looking for a simple strapping application or a complicated workflow design, we are here to help you. So as a little help, we are going to show you how to operate your own steel strapping tensioner that you may have, or should you ever need to use one. First, draw the unfastened or free straps around the perimeter of the whole package. When strapping, make sure that the straps are snugly in place, not too loose and not too tight. Keep the strapping proportional. Secure the strap in place, using your non-dominant hand, while supporting the strap with your other hand for better control. Pull the handles together tightly and glide the tensioner underneath the strap. Ensure that the strap is caught between the wheel and the clutch.

Tighten the strapping by pulling the tensioner backward and forward. Make sure that the end of the strap line is parallel to the interior edge of the tensioner. Bring both ends of the strapping into the tensioner and snap it shut with a sealer. When crimping straps, you should always use the suitable sealer indicated for the tensioner. Lock the seal tightly in place and push the handle using your dominant hand’s thumb. Clutch the handle with the rest of your dominant hand into the base. This will allow the feed wheel to lift. With the wheel hoisted up, remove the tensioner by gliding the back foot out to the side and then the front foot. Cut off any excess straps with a strap cutter, cutting the strap as close as possible to the seal. And there you have it folks, the complete instructions one would need to operate a steel strap tensioner. Should you like to know more information, or where you can get the best steel strapping supplies in the world, go ahead and visit Packaging Supplies to find out more information.


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